Dani James makes $14.75 an hour at her job as a part-time receptionist in Chicago. You know this because, much to her mother’s horror, the 24-year-old Ohio State graduate student tells me when I ask.  “That’s none of anybody’s business,” Lesley Jaymes, 52, tells her daughter and me. “Oh, Mom, what difference does it make?” […]

I’m sitting on the sidelines, watching my son’s basketball game. It’s got off to a bad start, with the other school team already ahead by five goals. I know from experience this demoralises the boys. And they’re now very unlikely to turn things around before the clock blasts. I get chatting to one of the […]

OAKLAND — Oakland’s small cannabis businesses will get a substantial tax cut after several entrepreneurs complained that the city’s previous rate was making it so only big companies could survive. The City Council voted unanimously to lower the gross receipts tax on cannabis businesses that make $500,000 or less from 10 percent — one of […]

WATSONVILLE — Watsonville-based Farmer Max got its start in 2012 when Max Cain purchased the 15-acre property on Green Valley Road. It is now a successful small-scale family-owned cannabis cultivation, production and distribution business, which he runs with his wife Kristi. Max started by growing shishito peppers and strawberries, both of which garnered praise locally […]

Online marketing is a daunting world, made considerably difficult with the limitations imposed on cannabis companies. Many of the largest online marketing services and social media platforms still don’t allow marijuana businesses to advertise. “When it comes to advertising the cannabis industry, options are extremely limited,” said Jared Leighty, Manager of Field Development at Weedmaps. […]

Praise be to all things hemp! Faithful friend of humanity since before the written word, a versatile source of food, fiber, fuel, and pharmacy, a plant with a patriotic pedigree prized by America’s Founding Fathers. After languishing for eight decades in the wilderness of marijuana prohibition, hemp is making a big comeback thanks in no […]

The young cannabis industry faces a lot of challenges, one of which is how to maintain sustainability in a massively growing market. As an industry based on the production and sale of a plant, it makes sense that sustainability should be a main focus of it—cannabis comes from the ground, so shouldn’t the industry look […]

Having marijuana-focused companies set to join the list of publicly traded companies is not a novel thing as companies such as Aurora Cannabis (ACB), Tilray (TLRY), Canopy Growth Corp (CGC, WEED), and Cronos Group (CRON) going public with IPOs in 2018. Tilray was at the same time “the first cannabis-focused company to go public”, which […]