1 US state looks to legalize ALL drugs

(FREE THOUGHT PROJECT) – As states across the U.S. continue to challenge prohibition by decriminalizing cannabis use, Hawaii is set to make the boldest move yet. Lawmakers in the island state are proposing to commission a study looking at the merits of decriminalizing all drugs.

Tom Angell at Marijuana.com reported on the resolution being considered in the House Judiciary Committee.

“The measure, if passed by both chambers of the legislature, would request that the state’s Legislative Reference Bureau “conduct a study on the feasibility and advisability of decriminalizing the illegal possession of drugs for personal use in Hawaii” so that such conduct “would constitute an administrative or civil violation rather than a criminal offense.”

In a testament to the advanced thinking of some Hawaii lawmakers, the resolution states, “despite a longstanding policy that enforces illicit drug prohibition and imposes some of the world’s harshest penalties for drug possession and sales, illicit drug use

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