Edmonton to get its first medical marijuana clinic

An eastern Canadian chain of medical marijuana clinics plans to tap into a growing Alberta market later this month by opening its first Edmonton location.

Dr. Danial Schecter, who started Toronto’s Cannabinoid Medical Clinic in 2014 and now has five similar facilities, says doctors in the new office will offer examinations, evaluations, cannabis prescriptions and product advice.

Patients must be referred by their doctors, who might not feel they have enough expertise to handle this area themselves, Schecter said.

“People coming to them with chronic conditions, they realize despite giving them five medications, 10 medications … they’re still suffering,” he said.

“They think, ‘Maybe cannabis and medications based on cannabis would help my patients.’”

The office in the Hys Centre on 101 Street will be run by one doctor two or three days a week when it opens in mid-April.

Schecter, who was in Alberta a couple of weeks ago giving doctors educational seminars, expects demand and staffing will soon increase.

“The reception I had was phenomenal. We have already

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