Smoking Pot With Lagunitas’ Tony Magee


“My name is Tony Magee and I’m the founder of Lagunitas and I wake and bake every morning.”

Okay, not exactly shocking news that the founder of Petaluma’s Lagunitas Brewing is an avowed stoner (along with at least half of his staff, he admits). Most of us from around here remember that in the earlier days of the brewery, (circa 2005) Lagunitas was notorious for its weekly anything-goes 420 parties and faced a suspension of its brewers license after a member of the management was cuffed for smoking a giant doobie rolled by the staff.

And though that youthful devil-may-care attitude has matured, Magee is still a proud pot smoker, and the subject of a 5-minute video on Snoop Dogg’s 420 lifestyle blog, Merry JaneThe video is

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