Women, teen girl face drug trafficking charges

THREE CANADIAN WOMEN and a teenage girl are expected to appear in court today to face charges relating to the discovery of nearly 150 pounds of cannabis.

Paige Amber Clark, Emma Jacqueline Young, Natalie Linton and Charlette Blackman arrived by air from Canada on the same flight on March 29.

The drugs were allegedly found hidden in boxes during searches of their luggage by Customs personnel.

They were charged with possession of cannabis, possession with intent to supply, trafficking and importation.

Police say Clark, 20, had 40 packages of cannabis weighing approximately 26 pounds while Young, 17, was carrying 81 packages weighing around 44 pounds.

It is alleged that 35-year-old Blackman was found in possession of 65 packages of the drug weighing approximately 34 pounds.

Meanwhile, Linton, 24, is accused of trafficking 42 pounds of cannabis in 65 packages.

Young, Linton, Blackman and Clark will appear in the District “B” Magistrates’

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