April 2016

An eastern Canadian chain of medical marijuana clinics plans to tap into a growing Alberta market later this month by opening its first Edmonton location. Dr. Danial Schecter, who started Toronto’s Cannabinoid Medical Clinic in 2014 and now has five similar facilities, says doctors in the new office will offer examinations, evaluations, cannabis prescriptions and product advice. Patients must be referred by their doctors, who […]

If you enjoy weed, but live in a country or state where cannabis remains illegal, then observing the firing up of a lucrative legal marijuana market – the fastest growing industry in the US – may have left you a tad bemused, if not green with envy. The transformation of cannabis culture from being an […]

“My name is Tony Magee and I’m the founder of Lagunitas and I wake and bake every morning.” Okay, not exactly shocking news that the founder of Petaluma’s Lagunitas Brewing is an avowed stoner (along with at least half of his staff, he admits). Most of us from around here remember that in the earlier […]

By every metric available, public opinion appears to favor marijuana legalization, and by wider margins with each passing year. (David Zalubowski/AP) If there’s one thing that Massachusetts public officials — Democrat and Republican, urban and suburban, local and state — seem to agree on lately, it’s that the voters should not legalize marijuana at the polls this […]