7 Habits of Highly Effective Pot Growers

Beware of short cuts and quick fixes that minimize the hard work and focus required to prosper. An effective ganja garden always satisfies the needs of the grower who maintains the following seven important rules of conduct.

Proactivity isn’t just a boardroom cliché. Simple tasks such as picking up dead leaves and sweeping up debris shouldn’t wait until piles have accumulated. It’s a daily process that requires due diligence and leaves no time for slacking.

Never allow pools of water to collect on the floor or under your plants. Check all surfaces daily for telltale signs of pests or molds, including the tops and bottoms of leaves, the surface of your growing medium, and the walls, ceiling and floor in your space. Change clothes before entering your growroom, especially if you’ve been outdoors recently. Some growers I’ve met have outfits by the door reserved for growroom use only.

Above all, make

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