My First Medical Marijuana Haul – National Pain Report

by Donna Gregory Burch


Donna Gregory Burch

I was about a year into my fibromyalgia diagnosis when I figured out the typical drugs – Lyrica, Cymbalta, gabapentin and the like – weren’t going to be the answer for me. Since then, I’ve been on a journey of trying different treatments in an effort to stop the pain. Some have helped; most have not.

Throughout my search, there was always one treatment that I held out as my last resort: medical marijuana.

I’m not anti-marijuana. I smoked my share of it in college and always supported legalization. My reservations centered more around my hubby. As a former law enforcement officer, he didn’t really approve of his wife smoking pot. He was worried I would turn into a stoner, eating chips and watching soap operas all day.

By the time I applied for my medical marijuana license earlier this

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