Students, stress and a snapshot of drug use at Chapman

By Leah De Leon, Madeleine Caraluzzi, Gabriel Espinosa and Kelsey Reinhardt

After a long weekend on set, Wilson Vernon, who requested that he be referred to by his middle name to avoid prosecution, breathes a sigh of relief at the sight of his driveway. He parks the car, walks into his house and plops down on the couch.

He lights a freshly rolled joint and takes a hit.

Finally, he feels like he can relax and forget about his responsibilities. Thoughts and worries about directing his thesis film, playing catch-up in the rest of his classes and wondering what life may be like after graduation all melt away.

“I smoke as a mini vacation, so to speak, a way to escape,” said the senior film production and economics double major.

Vernon said he smokes up to four days a week. He was licensed for a medical marijuana card about a year ago for scoliosis.

He said that although

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