Nominate “Denver’s Worst Person” for a one-way ticket out of town

‘Tis the season for getting even.

Uncalled Four, a Denver-based comedy game show inspired by the popular and harshly profane Cards Against Humanity party game, announced a contest this week to nominate “Denver’s Worst Person” for a one-way ticket out of the city.

As a promotion for their Dec. 3 stage show at the Oriental Theater —  with comics Stephen Agyei, Adam Cayton-Holland, Zach Reinert and Rachel Weeks —  Uncalled Four host Jake Browne has promised to “send one unlucky winner out of the city this holiday season. Hopefully, for good.”

“This isn’t a dream vacation we’re sending them on,” said Browne, who (full disclosure) also writes cannabis strain reviews for the Denver Post’s marijuana website The Cannabist, in a press statement. “They’re headed to somewhere as terrible as they are, like Bismarck, N.D., or Little Rock, Ark.”