Can I Get Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome From Smoking Too Much Pot?

“If you smoke too much pot, you’re going to puke your guts out!”

As marijuana legalization continues to take root in America, the prohibitionists are desperate to frighten the populace back into fearing the devil’s lettuce. The latest is a scare that marijuana’s going to make you engage in a Technicolor yawn, laugh at your shoes, pray to the porcelain goddess, or sell a Buick to Ralph and Earl.

The last scare: Smoking pot makes you permanently stupid!

“The children! They’re going to lose 8 points of IQ!” they bellowed in 2012. A long-term study in New Zealand had found that teens who had smoked pot heavily went on to have lower IQ scores in middle age, even if they stopped smoking pot.

That fueled a “Pot Kills IQ” scare that has been regurgitated by every prohibitionist talking head and press mouthpiece ever since. Never mind that the conclusion was based

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