A handful of these cookies will make you think you’re dying. California, meet legal weed

California’s next public health crisis is four months away.

On Jan. 1, 2018, thanks to the passage last year of Proposition 64, the 24 million adults who live in the Golden State will be able to legally consume recreational marijuana – a massive market compared with the 1.5 million or so current users of medical marijuana in California. And though that may sound like one big party waiting to happen, buyer beware.

While businesses are geared up to sell all manner of pot – from edibles to smokables to drinkables – the state’s regulatory regime is woefully lagging. The result is that a wide variety of products soon to become available to consumers don’t lend themselves to responsible consumption, even for the most well-intentioned users.

You don’t have to munch down ‘The Elvis’ or swig a bottle of pot lemonade to find yourself in danger. Yet a lobbying effort is underway in Sacramento

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