Colorado Says Goodbye to Gummy Bear Edibles and Other Child …

Starting Sunday, you’ll no longer be allowed to buy gummy bear-shaped cannabis edibles in Colorado. That’s because the state’s ban on “child-friendly” edible shapes will be going into effect this weekend.

In addition to the gummy bear form, other shapes like fruits, cartoons, humans, and animals will all be banned. Moreover, manufacturers will not be allowed to label cannabis edibles with terms like “candy,” either. Edible potency, itself, will be limited to ten milligrams of THC per serving, which for some is considered a microdose (edible doses can range from 2.5 milligrams of THC to more than 50 milligrams).

Colorado’s new policy on edibles also mandates that the packaging be childproof, that consumers be educated about edibles’ delayed effects, and that the product’s testing information and THC symbol appear on the packaging. As should be well-known by now, it can take up to two hours for full effects of an edible to

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