Want to grow marijuana? Company selling permit for $20M

For sale: One never-used permit to grow medical marijuana in the state of Pennsylvania. Includes a turnkey operation with a 47,000-square-foot former beverage warehouse in Reading outfitted with state-of-the-art cultivation pods and hash-oil processing equipment. Price: $20 million.

Rumors have been circulating for months. Shortly after the Pennsylvania Department of Health awarded a dozen permits to grow cannabis in June, email pitches went out touting that some of those potentially lucrative licenses were already for sale. The state immediately tried to put the kibosh on them.

“No permit may be sold or transferred without approval of the Department of Health,” spokeswoman April Hutcheson first said in July. She has repeated those words to reporters every time another rumor of a sale surfaced.

Late Monday, a confidential prospectus was delivered to the Inquirer. The document includes an offer to sell 100 percent of Franklin Labs LLC, the company that won one of the

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