WeedMD Is Now Supplying Medical Marijuana to Seniors In Canada

Why aren’t our retirement facilities providing medical marijuana to seniors like they do in Canada? All right, that was a rhetorical question, but it becomes much more relevant in light of new developments involving WeedMD. Apparently, the company is now supplying medical marijuana to seniors living in three large, long-term care and retirement facilities in Canada.

Supplying Medical Marijuana to Seniors

“Every day, seniors are taking a closer look at the benefits of cannabis to decrease the use of conventional drug therapies,” said WeedMD CEO Bruce Dawson-Scully. He added that the expanding senior market is “increasingly open to marijuana.”

Dawson-Scully got that exactly right. On this side of the border, middle-aged and senior citizens are smoking more weed than teenagers. Naturally, a few Canadian pols are complaining about the “vulnerable residents” being secondary to the interests of the suppliers. With that said, and unlike the U.S.’s pot-detesting government, they

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