Marijuana Dispensary Buyer’s Beware

From price and packaging to customers’ habits and scouting the competition, marijuana dispensary product buyers are always looking for an edge.

Josh Best, the ordering and purchasing manager for Colorado’s Medicine Man, likes to arrive at the office at 9 a.m. sharp. He enjoys the quiet solitude while he plans his daily schedule. Since legalizing recreational use, Colorado has seen an explosion of vendors, and keeping up with them has been a challenge. The former budtender usually sees five vendors a day, or about twenty a week. He prefers to make appointments instead of seeing walk-ins. Typically, he meets with brands’ sales representatives, but lately he’s noticed an increase in distribution company reps. “Either way, I like knowing there is one designated person I can reach out to with questions,” he said. “Then the relationship develops in a positive direction.”

Medicine Man categorizes customers into two groups: tourists and

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