Ailing seniors fastest-growing users of medical marijuana

Medical marijuana. Photo: Flickr David Trawin

29 states allow medical marijuana, seniors have been increasingly seeking its curative powers

NEW YORK (NAM) — Larry Yokelson uses a walker and is on oxygen 24/7. “I am not a pothead,” he stated. Although, 87, Yokelson, a retired driver for the rock band Led Zeppelin, and others, is familiar with the stuff.

Yokelson said that just about all of his passengers smoked pot. But he didn’t like it. More recently, he didn’t like the opioids he’d been prescribed for his constant back pain, either. “You name it and I’ve been on it. You become so constipated on opiates you want to kill yourself,” he said.

He told his daughter, Jan, he was ready to give up. She recalled, “He said he was done, put me in hospice, I’m done, I can’t live like this.” But Yokelson found a sympathetic doctor.

“He gave me a prescription, and I

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