Cannabis Pricing Trends Explained: Why You Should Be Preparing for a Decline

National wholesale cannabis prices have been fairly flat for the last few months, if not slightly increasing, but the market is anticipating a sharp price decline in the coming months as outdoor crops are harvested, according to Jonathan Rubin, CEO of New Leaf Data Services.

Cannabis Benchmarks, a division of New Leaf Data Services, provides financial, business and industry data for the North American cannabis markets. According to its research, pricing has not been as volatile as it has been in the prior two years.

“That said, the volatility typically happens in the second half of the year because of the harvest,” Rubin said. “[There is a] sharp price decline in … the  late September, really October/November timeframe when all of the outdoor harvest hits the market, dried and cured, and drives prices down.”

Rubin said when outdoor growers harvest, they generally sell product quickly in October and November to pay

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