Budtender Shannon Ayers Knows Cannabis Does not Sell Itself

Parlour Cannabis Shoppe’s Shannon Ayers shares three ways to be a better budtender.

Like most other retail jobs, working in a cannabis shop requires excellent customer service skills. For budtenders, customer service means helping consumers understand complex and intimidating products. That’s why people skills, more than any other, play a major role in budtenders’ effectiveness. Asking and answering questions is a big part of the work.

Shannon Ayers, head budtender for the Parlour Cannabis Shoppe in Portland, Oregon, approaches her job with all of that in mind. Ayers has been around cannabis most of her life. Her parents grew marijuana in the 1970s and ’80s. She started using the herb at 18. Soon after, she began selling it on the black market.

Now she sells cannabis legally, using her years of experience in management to her advantage. “I spend the days educating people about cannabis, asking and answering questions,” said Ayers, 43. “And

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