Canada Launches First Cannabis Business Accelerator

As the country begins to get ready for the recreational avalanche next year, Canadian canna entrepreneurs are starting to organize…

Even better, they are also starting to form accelerators to encourage more start-ups in what is going to be a dynamic start up environment, not only nationally but internationally.

On October 4, Leaf Forward became the first Canadian cannabis focussed accelerator but it is unlikely to be the last. The Accelerator also hosted two founders’ classes in which 12 canna start-ups took part. These were businesses across a range of the cannabusiness space, from growers and extractors to ancillary end products. Mentors range from a wide number of fields and companies.

Until now, Israel and U.S. states like California and Colorado were the only places where there has begun to be organized focus on encouraging the cannabis start-up sector. After all, not too long ago, such small businesses were

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