On Wednesday, July 18, world-famous breeder Mr. Sherbinski and the folks at Double Barrel Vaporizers hosted an all-star panel in Los Angeles to talk about the current state of cannabis culture and the industry in California, now seven months into the state’s grand regulatory legalization experiment. Joining Sherbinski for discussion were panelists that included America’s first mainstream […]

Las Vegas and San Francisco have museums dedicated to decades of gaming where you can play your way through various machine eras. And since we’d never spark an interest just to leave you hanging, here’s a lively travel list of tested pinball destinations in major canna-markets. Los Angeles Pinball Strain Pairing: Green Crack EightyTwo EightyTwo […]

Three residents have launched a petition drive in an effort to overturn a new Antioch ordinance that later this month would allow marijuana retailers and related businesses to apply for permits to operate in the city. Related Articles Bay Area U.S. Attorney considers rare death penalty charges against Louisiana man Is a North Bay city using […]

It is no longer a question whether Ohio will have medical marijuana available by Sept. 8, the time set in state law when the program must be “fully operational.” That ship has sailed, officials say, as delays continue. Now the question is when exactly the program will be up and running for patients to receive […]

The legalization of marijuana in Canada comes almost a century after the drug was first declared an illegal substance in 1923, but pot didn’t explode in popularity until the 1960s when a group of rebellious people began promoting it a shortcut to peace and enlightenment. Concerned about the new use of this drug, in 1969, […]

CINCINNATI — “Attention, future medical marijuana entrepreneurs.” That’s the start of a radio ad targeting anyone wondering how to cash in on Ohio’s new medical marijuana industry. “If you have the desire, Chris is ready to teach you his proven five-step formula for starting a successful marijuana business,” the ad continues. The Chris mentioned in […]

With 61% of Americans supporting the legalization of cannabis, it’s no secret that people are curious about marijuana. They want to know how it works, ways to incorporate it into their lifestyle and how to use it without having an experience that’s overwhelming and unpleasant. Microdosing cannabis has been a steadily rising trend in the […]

Kiva Blueberry Terra Bites are chocolate covered dried blueberries that contain 5mg THC each. One of the unexpected side effects of the new legal marijuana era is that the most popular products are getting weaker, not stronger. A growing number of cannabis users are realizing they don’t really want to get that high, and a […]

And it’s not just discreet—the 20-watt battery at the heart of the Bee Keeper makes it a powerful and dependable option that delivers impressive clouds of vapor. The ability to hide in plain sight without compromising the flavor of your favorite oils makes the Bee Keeper a popular choice with VaporNation staffers and shoppers alike. […]

A bed and breakfast is already a treat to weary travelers, a romantic getaway or even simply the choicest hotel to stay at during your travels. For cannabis lovers, the experience has been upped a notch and now lovely bud and breakfasts have sprung up in states that have recreational cannabis laws put in place. […]

At the Institute of Food Technologists conference in Chicago, attendees and presenters across the spectrum of food science, policy, regulation and manufacturing were buzzing about cannabis-based foods.  It’s just another sign of the marijuana market’s slow convergence with food — a blurring line that has spurred significant investment and acquisition in the beer space, as […]

Half a year into California’s newly regulated marijuana market, it’s worth asking: How are licensed companies in the state doing financially? The short answer: Many are struggling. Chelsey Miles, a Sacramento-based accountant and consultant who works with licensed manufacturers, retailers and distributors, said most companies are “breaking even, but I don’t think they might be […]