Smoking Weed Is Just One Way To Use Marijuana: An Introduction …

While reporting for a book on the cannabis business I recently finished writing, I realized many people don’t differentiate smoking weed from using cannabis. “Isn’t it the same?” is the question I was asked far too often.

The answer: certainly not.

Smoking is just one of many ways cannabis can be used, and it is rarely the most effective cannabidiol delivery mechanism, especially for medication purposes. Smoking can be useless when using cannabis to treat certain ailments.

One example: while smoking would not help eczema or acne, cannabis-infused topical treatments or creams are used for the conditions.

Here’s a chart that illustrates some of the most popular cannabis consumption methods available today: 

Image by Agustina Yofre

Using cannabis as a whole plant — smoking it — can be fun and useful to treat certain conditions. But when cannabis is smokd, the user consumes a large variety of chemical components present in

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