Cannabis Strain Review And Pictures – Dr. Who By Geek Farms

A couple of weekends ago I went with the family to Lincoln City, which is one of my favorite Oregon towns. It’s one of Oregon’s ‘biggest’ tourist areas, if there is such a thing in a state as sparsely populated as Oregon. While I was there I checked out a dispensary called the T.E.R.P. Collective. You can check out my review if you want to know more about it.

I picked up some gummies at the dispensary visit (review coming) and two grams of flower. Since I was on a mini-vacation I wanted to pick up some extra special flower that I could enjoy back at my rental. I checked out the selection as I always do and the undisputed champion of the inventory at that time was the Dr. Who strain grown by Geek Farms, as seen below:

According to the Geek Farms

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