Colorado Gov. Dishes to Rolling Stone about Cannabis Legalization …

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper dispelled prohibitionist myths about cannabis legalization in the state: children are not getting high and there hasn’t been a spike in cannabis-related driving incidents.

“We were very worried that by legalizing, we were making this more somehow more psychologically available to kids. We haven’t seen that. If anything, we’ve seen less drug dealers.” – Hickenlooper to Rolling Stone

The Democratic governor, who initially opposed legalization in the state, indicated that, overall, officials “haven’t seen a big spike in consumption” but they have seen cannabis use rates increase among senior citizens.

“… Which we think is either Baby Boomers coming home to roost or arthritis and the aches and pains of growing older – people finding that marijuana is a better pain solution than opioids or other things.” – Hickenlooper in the interview

Hickenlooper also opened up about his conversations

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