Advocates Say Dried Leaf Medical Marijuana Offers Savings And Other Benefits

Pennsylvania’s medical marijuana dispensaries may eventually be permitted to sell the product in plant form for vaping, after a vote by the state’s medical marijuana advisory board recommended a change in the regulations. 

Currently, medicinal cannabis in Pennsylvania must be processed into another form, like a pill or oil. Cannabis advocates say this makes it more expensive, and point out that for some people medical marijuana is already cost prohibitive because insurance companies won’t pay for it.

Jeffrey Miron is an economist who specializes in drug policy at Harvard and the Cato Institute, a libertarian think tank. Miron said the savings of buying leaf marijuana over processed forms is similar to those of other goods and services.

“You could go to a pizza parlor and buy an already made pizza, that’s very convenient, but it will cost more in terms of dollars, than if you bought flour and tomato sauce and cheese and

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