Expanding after launch: Q&A with Van der Pop’s April Pride

April Pride originally wanted to sell “beautiful products” for storing and sharing marijuana.

She launched her Seattle-based company, Van der Pop, in January 2016 with the aim of putting together a cannabis paraphernalia business.

But she quickly pivoted to a female-focused lifestyle brand. Van der Pop’s website offers women:

  • Marijuana-related advice.
  • An online store selling products like stash boxes and grinders.
  • Information about sex and cannabis.

“Men aren’t going to talk about getting high and having sex,” said Pride, Van der Pop’s founder.

Pride’s new venture soon struck green.

Less than 14 months after launching, Van der Pop was acquired for an undisclosed sum by a company that eventually morphed into a vertically integrated Canadian marijuana company, Hiku.

Today, Pride is in the enviable position of being bankrolled by a publicly traded company (HIKU.CN) that controls a solid distribution chain in

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