Florida Court Rules That Only One Medical Marijuana Patient Can Grow His Own Pot

Photo via Cannabis Training University

A Florida court has ruled that one specific medical cannabis patient can grow his own marijuana to be used in a plant-juicing regimen recommended by his doctor. The state’s exceptionally strict medical marijuana laws forbid home grows, but Judge Karen Gievers ruled that 77-year-old Tampa resident and cancer patient Joe Redner could be personally exempted from this restriction.

Florida voters approved Amendment 2, an expansion of the state’s limited medical cannabis program back in 2016, but state legislators soon passed an extremely restrictive set of regulations for the new industry. These rules ban patients from growing or smoking cannabis plant material, using edibles, and even set restrictions for vaping.

“Florida law only allows the licensed dispensing organizations to grow, process and dispense marijuana,” the health department clearly states on its website. “The department

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