Cannabis job fair highlights opportunities for women, people with cannabis experience

The budding cannabis industry presents opportunities for women and people looking to use their experience with cannabis when it becomes legalized in Canada later this year.

That’s according to those in the industry at the CannabisCon job fair held at the Shaw Conference Centre in Edmonton on Saturday.

Danielle “Miz D” Jackson, an activist and cannatherapy consultant from Vancouver, said as a long-time consumer, the opportunity to create a career helping others was “irresistible” despite existing prohibitions.

“Cannabis is the closest thing to a fountain of youth available to mature consumers,” she said.

She has created a business to help people who are looking to explore cannabis safely and effectively, and help experienced users maximize the benefits. She said cannabis helps people physically, mentally and spiritually.

With the ever-growing demographic of baby boomers like herself, needs are changing.

“We’re aging, especially women dealing with women’s health,” Jackson said. “I went through menopause. That was a nightmare.”

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