Big Pharma Sales Reps Say Marijuana Legalization Is Positive For Them

According to a March survey done by MedReps, 46% of pharmaceutical sales representatives reported that they expect medical marijuana legalization and stricter opioid laws to have a positive impact on their jobs.

MedReps, an online healthcare sales job site, conducted a survey of 500 sales professionals in medical and pharmaceutical sales, as well as non-medical and non-pharmaceutical sales. The groups were comprised of 44% male and 56 female. Of the groups, 50% were Millennials, 43% were Gen X and 7 percent were Baby Boomers. Occupations surveyed were inside sales reps, field sales reps, directors of sales and sales executives and managers.

In the survey, 50% of pharmaceutical sales reps selling controversial products said they believe the legalization of medical marijuana alone will have a positive impact on their jobs. Products considered controversial were those sometimes negatively portrayed in the media, such as opioids and medical marijuana. The survey found that

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