Senior helps peers navigate cannabis choices – The Spokesman

Many of today’s Baby Boomers have mixed memories of cannabis use.

There was certainly a fear of being busted, but also, way back then, not everyone knew what they were smoking.

Was it really Acapulco Gold or Maui Wowie or mystery weed? Who knew? As long as the good times were rolling and you avoided getting caught, no one gave it a second thought.

Now that we’re in the enlightened, at least more legal age, senior users have the opportunity to be more precise in what marijuana products may be safe and able to help with their various aches and pains, anxiety and depression. Some are also enjoying learning that it’s possible to get relief without getting high.

But expertise is still needed, but not always from budtenders young enough to be their kids or even their grandkids.

That’s the role that Nancy Southern is trying to fill. She’s started advising people on

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