South Lake Tahoe City Council to discuss cannabis, VHRs, city leadership

City Council is in store for a long day Tuesday, April 17. From vacation home rentals to cannabis to city leadership searches, there are plenty of complicated and polarizing subjects on the council agenda.

Council will once again address the issue of forming regulations for the cannabis industry. In 2017 council created a subcommittee to study the issue. The group presented council with recommendations in February.

Since then the council has met twice to discuss the cannabis issue, and it has been discussed at regular council meetings.

According to the staff report with Tuesday’s agenda, City Council still needs to address a litany of issues. However, some of those issues were addressed in the cannabis subcommittee recommendations.

Council also will hear an update on the revised vacation home rental (VHR) regulations which took effect in December 2017. According to a staff report, the city

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