The One Mistake Most New Cannabis Cooks Make

So you’re new to cannabis. Welcome! You’ve started enjoying and experimenting (always in moderation). The edibles at your local shop look so yummy! And they really knock you out (we’ll get to that later). But $10 (or more) for one brownie?! Nuts! You’ve been baking your entire life. How tough can it be?

The answer: It’s not. But it’s likely not the same kind of baking you’re used to. To cook with marijuana properly (that is effectively — as in has great effects and doesn’t take over the flavor of the dish completely), you need to take the step even the teenage enthusiast down the street is probably forgetting — decarboxylation.

Please. Come back. Sit down. This isn’t going to be a lecture on organic chemistry. I mean, if you want that,

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