The three dot journo rides again… ICUMI edition


Hungry Pot… Ever wonder why you get the munchies from smoking pot? Michelle Janikian, writing at the excellent Herb website (, reports on two studies that dug into the question… Back in 2015, Yale University School of Medicine neuroscientists looked at how neurons called “pro-opiomelanocortins” in the brain’s appetite center responded to marijuana. One of the main jobs of these neurons is to tell you to quit eating when you’re full, but it turns out pot “tricks” them into doing the opposite… “It’s like pressing a car’s breaks and accelerating instead,” says Tamas Horyath, the study’s lead author. No other compounds are known to have this effect, he added… And in 2014 a team lead by Edgar Soria-Gomez at the University of Bordeaux found that stimulating cells’ CB1 receptors

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