Bud and breakfast south of Parshall offers 420 friendly accommodations in Grand County

When Colorado legalized recreational marijuana in 2012 it sparked a business boom and a, no pun intended, budding tourism industry centered around the state’s unique legal regime but as many out of state guests have realized over the past few years marijuana may be legal to buy but there are few places it is actually legal to smoke.

It was exactly that conundrum that inspired Tim and Wendy Robertson to start their new business in Grand County, an inn catering to marijuana users that they happily refer to as a “bud and breakfast”, a play on the term bed and breakfast.

Husband and wife team Tim and Wendy Robertson, who are both military brats hailing from the south, opened The Robertson House last June on County Road 3, often referred to as Ute Pass Road, south of Parshall. The Robertson House is technically an inn, not a bed and breakfast, though guests

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