Here’s How America’s Baby Boomers Get Their Weed

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Michael A. RobinsonMichael A. Robinson

Since the Summer of Love in 1967, San Francisco has served as the epicenter of the counterculture and rock ‘n’ roll.

And from that day until… pretty recently, any time you went to a rock show, no matter if the band was an established act or a fresh up-and-comer, you could count on one thing…

The smell of burning marijuana.

That’s why two recent rock concerts my wife and I attended in San Francisco really jumped out at me – not once in two evenings spanning several hours at large venues did we smell any cannabis.

Don’t get me wrong: I suspect plenty of folks were imbibing cannabis. After all, California made recreational use legal Jan. 1 after 20 years as a medical-only state.

But something much bigger was going on,

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