Why Juul, the Most Popular E-Cig on the Market, Is in Trouble

Juul, the sleekly designed e-cigarette, should be living any brand’s fantasy. It’s the best-selling vape on the market, reeling in $454 million in retail sales over the last year, according to Nielsen data. But it has a massive problem: Its product is too popular with the wrong age group.

The Juul, made by Juul Labs–a spin-off from Silicon Valley cannabis vaporizer company Pax Labs–was originally created to help adults switch from smoking traditional cigarettes to the healthier alternative of vaping nicotine. But, as the New Yorker recently uncoveredthe Juul has recently become an explosive trend among high school and middle school kids.

The article captures the brand’s conundrum: vaping technology promised to be a new a way to reduce the number of adult smokers. But Juul–with its sexy design and flavors like mint, mango, crème brulee, and “cool cucumber”–has become all the rage of teenagers who were never smoking in the first place.

“Young people have taken a technology that

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