Bristol Township marijuana dispensary hosts educational symposium

Patients rights, registration and even gun ownership were some of the many topics discussed Saturday at an educational event hosted by Beyond/Hello, a medical marijuana dispensary that opened Friday.

It’s been two years since the state legalized medical marijuana, but questions about registration, interstate laws and even gun control still are relative unknowns to many.

Myra Zerr, head of practitioner outreach for the medical marijuana dispensary company Beyond/Hello, fielded questions on these and other issues during a patient educational event in Bristol Township on Saturday morning.

“I’ve met several people already who don’t even know this is a program,” Zerr said after answering questions from the audience of about 20 people.

Helping people navigate the medical issues — and some legal concerns — is one of the main reasons Zerr, a neurologist, does outreach programs for Beyond/Hello.

The company opened its doors, at 2412 Durham Road, to

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