Invictus Update on PODA – World’s First Truly Zero-Cleaning Vaporizer

“The vaporizer market today is saturated with devices that generally do the same thing — they vaporize cannabis or tobacco, and each device is meant for different substances. But the Poda truly is the next generation of vaporizer, the first with zero-cleaning and also the ability to be used for multiple purposes,” said Invictus Founder and CEO Dan Kriznic. “We are thrilled to be able to offer our proprietary Poda pods as a completely biodegradable product. Additionally, the upcoming smartphone-enabled devices can automatically set precise temperature profiles for each pod, delivering a safe and effective vaporizing experience.”

Poda vaporizers utilize pre-filled pods which provide consumers with economical convenience and consistent performance. “Poda pods are the cigarettes (or joints) of the future,” said CEO Dan Kriznic. “We envision a world where consumers can choose Poda pods in a wide range of substances from a variety of quality brands. From vaping a coffee

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