Invictus MD: When A Celebrity Got Involved In Cannabis

Welcome to our Discover Cannabis series, where we publish in-depth research reports to introduce new companies not covered by us before.


Invictus MD (OTCPK:IVITF) is a cannabis company listed on the TSX Venture Exchange under the ticker “GENE”. The company holds investments in several subsidiaries that are engaged in the cannabis industry including licensed producers and supplier of fertilizer and vaporizer for cannabis. The company appears to be sufficiently funded for its near-term expansion projects and will become a meaningful supplier in the market with 20,000 kg in annual production capacity with projects that are currently fully funded. Phase IV and V of the Acreage Pharms expansion will require additional fundings. We think the company will need to raise additional capital in order to reach its production goal of 50,000 kg per year, likely in the form of equity or

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