Ahead of Marijuana Legalization, Entrepreneurs See All Sorts Of Opportunities In Vermont

Vermont’s marijuana legalization law doesn’t create a market to sell it, but that hasn’t stopped people from finding ways to capitalize on legal cannabis.

Over the weekend, around 1,500 people attended a cannabis and hemp convention in South Burlington.

Attendees could listen to talks that ranged from tips on how to grow cannabis to best practices for marketing a cannabis business. There were also over 50 businesses at the conference, many from Vermont, that were already in the industry or looking to break in.

Despite never attending a cannabis convention before, some things — like the person dressed up in a bong costume, 420 jokes and reggae music — were not surprising.

But at first glance, some of the companies that were there were a little unexpected — such as Vermont Security.

“We do alarm, video and automation, and we’re looking to get into this space and support this industry,” said Jesse Harper,

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