Cannabis and Exercise: How Can You Combine Them To Improve Your Health And Wellness

The worn out image of the lazy stoner is slowly but surely being replaced by a more accurate depiction of the modern cannabis enthusiast. Active, healthy and enterprising, more and more people are coming out as cannabis users, educating themselves and combining cannabis and exercise as part of their health and wellness routines. Thanks to portable and cleaner vaporizer option, such as the Linx Ember, combining cannabis and exercise has become easier than ever.

Can You Combine Cannabis and Exercise To Improve Performance and Recovery?

Much of the discussion surrounding therapeutic applications of marijuana centers around its uses when treating conditions such as cancer, epilepsy or PTSD. Health and wellness related uses of cannabis only don’t apply to chronic conditions, however. Many athletes, both casual and professional are finding uses for the effects of THC and CBD.

Former NFL star Ricky Williams estimated that 40-50% of football players

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