7 High-Tech Vaporizers, Automatic Grinders That Cannabis Lovers Must Try

The medical and science worlds continuously acclimatize to technology and the cannabis industry also followed suit. Today is the time for vaporizers and automatic grinders. Here are some of high-tech inhalers and mincers that you may want to have in your hand.

The OTTO by Banana Bros

One part of The OTTO is a grinder and the other part rolling machine. This device features an innovative design that’s able to roll up to 30 joints in just one charge. Apart from that, it is both odor-proof and spill-proof. The OTTO is perfect for arthritic hands or a toke on the go. Tagged at $129.99, this gadget will be a permanent fitting in your cannabis collection.

Puffco Peak by Puffco

This device is super sleek and is intended for the dabbing aficionado. Also, this tech-forward gadget contains smart temperature calibration; four distinctive heat settings, and unquestionably don’t need a torch. In addition, Puffco Peak is

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