Canada’s Parliament Votes to End Marijuana Prohibition

DENVER (June 7, 2018) – PRESS RELEASE – Dr. Michele Ross, neuroscientist, author and cannabinoid medicine leader, has joined the advisory board for NanoSphere Health Sciences, LLC, the biotechnology company behind the patented NanoSphere Delivery System, which nano-encapsulates cannabinoid molecules in lipid membranes for transportation through the skin into the bloodstream within minutes. The company currently offers its pioneering product—Transdermal NanoSerum—under the brand Evolve Formulas, with plans to release intranasal and intraoral products in the coming months. 

Dr. Ross brings to the NanoSphere board a wealth of industry knowledge, advocacy experience and insight into particular patient needs. Her work as founder and executive director of IMPACT Network, a non-profit which focuses on cannabis and women’s health, and as CEO of Infused Health, a digital platform which provides educational resources to cannabis patients, has helped consumers around the world and trained the next generation of cannabis healthcare professionals. Dr. Ross

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