Demand for cannabis grow supplies delays start to Truro facility

TRURO, N.S. – High demand for marijuana growing equipment has delayed the start of production at the Truro Herbal Company (THC), CEO Barry Mellish says.

“So, we’ve been held up with some of our stuff because of the demand for products,” he said.

Mellish, a former RCMP officer, had initially been hired as the operation’s head of security. He recently replaced founder Evan Price as company CEO, who is serving as a technical advisor.

The company plans to produce medical marijuana and in January Price had predicted the first crop of cannabis would be in the works by February or March.

With federal legislation in the works to legalize recreational marijuana, Mellish said the resulting demand for supplies from that market has created a backlog for humidifiers, lights and other specialty equipment.

While construction on the 20,000-sq.-ft. production facility is ongoing, Mellish said he is anticipating THC will receive its Phase 1 cultivation license within

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