June Strains: Rainbows and Road Trips

It’s officially sum-sum-summertime, and that means county fairs, beach-bound road trips, Pride season, and long, lazy, hazy days. We picked some colorfully named strains that recall the flavors of fresh fruit pies, orchards in the warm sunshine, tan lines, cool breezes, and all the fun of a summertime trip. Several of these strains also are from legal states that may be on your short list of regions to visit, when planning that cannabis destination vacation.

BaM- Blackjack_mg_magazineBaM- Blackjack_mg_magazineBlackjack–A sativa-dominant hybrid crossed from Black Domina x Jack Herer. A heady, heavy sense of relaxation and heightened senses. Great for relieving stress, anxiety, and chronic pain. Aroma profile: sweet, slightly herbal, spicy, pineapple, and melon. Nevada. From BaMMarijuana.com.


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