NL business banking on people needing pots to grow pot

When federal cannabis legalization comes into effect some time this summer, individuals will be allowed to grow up to four plants for personal use. In the meantime, Shawn Dolter — owner of the Greenhouse in Little Rapids — is fielding a lot of questions from curious, and somewhat sheepish, would-be small-scale pot farmers.

“We’re all about do-it-yourself,” Dolter told the Corner Brook Morning Show

“Basically, we want to make sure that they can grow the best plant possible in their own home environment.”

DIY growing

At the Greenhouse, a model setup for DIY pot growing — demonstrated with tomato plants, ahead of legalization — gives customers an idea of what it takes to successfully grow those one-to-four plants at home.

There are heat pads or sheets that provide some warmth to help those seeds germinate. The trays are greenhouse kits for starting seeds — the kind you might use to get a head start on your summer

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