Middle-Aged Men Will Dominate The Legal Cannabis Market In …

With the rapid evolution of the Canadian cannabis industry, a new study conducted by Deloitte LLP reveals that men between the ages 35 to 54 are most likely to become the new majority of the Canadian cannabis market, once legalization rolls out later this year.

The study reveals that use, whether it be for medicinal or recreational purposes, middle-aged men will be in first place for the most consistent majority of cannabis users on Canadian soil. Young persons, between the ages 18 to 34, are expected to be in second place. It continues to inform that the impending demographic shift will bring a generation of experienced marijuana enthusiasts from eras bygone back into the exciting, fruitful age of legal cannabis.

The survey results claim that the principal reason this demographic would return primarily lies in the expected improvement of the products distributed. Other reasons garnered from the analytical data included an expected

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