The Hottest Item at This Toronto Design Boutique? State-of-the-Art Cannabis Chocolate

Here’s one portrait of cannabis in Canada in 2018: One of the most popular products on the illicit market can be found in a boutique design studio in downtown Toronto. There’s no password, no secret handshake, and you don’t need a medical license to purchase it.

Out in the open, in a bright and colourful space, are rows of chocolate bars infused with cannabis. They come in a range of tastes—including an all-cocoa butter white chocolate bar with organic Japanese matcha, a milk chocolate espresso bar with hand-cracked coffee beans, and an orange bar infused with natural citrus oil. Each bar is individually numbered and wrapped in delicate chiyogami paper imported from Japan.

“The product really stood out from an aesthetic standpoint,” says the owner of the design studio, who originally came across the chocolate bars at a Green Market event in Toronto. “It immediately shattered a lot of assumptions that

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