Where’s Colorado Cannabis Headed? We Asked 3 Entrepreneurs For Their Predictions

From left to right, Keegan Peterson of Wurk, Wanda James of Simply Pure and Kayvan Khalatbari of Denver Relief Consulting.

Meredith Turk/CPR News

Recreational marijuana is thriving in Colorado. There are more dispensaries open than ever, according to state data, and the number of plants and edibles sold has risen nearly every month since 2014.

Amidst this boom, CPR News asked three cannabis entrepreneurs what’s ahead for the industry.

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All three have pioneering pasts: Kayvan Khalatbari got involved as an activist fighting for legalization in 2005, and a few years later, he and his business partners opened a medical shop that later evolved into an entirely new business known as Denver Relief Consulting, an industry advocacy firm. Wanda James is considered the first African-American to own a cannabis dispensary, Simply Pure. And Keegan Peterson founded

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