NJ’s ex-top cop: Expanded medical marijuana program is legalization in sheep’s clothing

By Rick Fuentes

Anecdote and science often go at odds when assessing marijuana’s therapeutic effectiveness upon a whole host of disorders ranging from cancer and multiple sclerosis to headaches, muscle aches and worry.

In the April 2015 issue of Prevention Magazine, there were mixed reviews from top doctors when medical marijuana was graded as a treatment for 14 common and serious disorders. Smoking or eating marijuana to alleviate chronic pain, anxiety, weight loss, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, lupus, glaucoma and PTSD got low scores, while relief from nausea, nerve pain, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy and Crohn’s disease got higher marks.

Scholarly squabbles over marijuana’s medical value highlight the need for more aggressive and federally-sanctioned medical research. If one is to harvest the medical value from the more than 100 organic cannabinoids identified in the source plant, those particular compounds need to be isolated, put to the rigor and scrutiny of laboratory testing and clinical

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